What Eats A Bear?

Are you curious about what eats a bear?

Bears are a great epitome of apex predators; especially they are some of the most dominant and untouchable creatures found in the wild.

Since they are threatening and massive predators, there are no known animals that actively hunt ad eat them besides humans. If animals are seen eating bears, it is because they are already dead. However, cubs are a common target because of their target.

Below is a list of the predators of bears.

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Over the decades, humans are responsible for reducing the populations of all types of bears. This makes humans the most prominent predators of these mammals.

Humans hunt for bears for several reasons, including for their organs, like sports, for their pelts, and of course, as food. Due to the more effective and accessibility of weapons, it’s a lot easier for humans to hunt for bears. Besides, eating the meat of a bear is very common in different parts of the world.

The good news is that conservation efforts help in preserving bears. In fact, these efforts are successful in many areas.


There’s an argument whether wolves actively hunt down and eat bears or not. However, bear fur is occasionally found in wolf scat.

Despite the massive size and strength of bears, wolves are known to hunt in packs. If it is a pack of six wolves against a large bear, then the fight will still be very close. It will be difficult for wolves to hunt and eat a bear.

However, if wolves are seen eating a beat, it will be like a cub. If they will surround the adult bear to create a diversion, then there’s a big chance that they will snatch up a cub. But, most of the time, wolves target and hunt down animals that cannot fight back easily.


These big cats are the only known natural predators of bears in the animal kingdom. When it comes to hunting abilities and strength, they can have an even match with the bears.

The fight between bears and tigers can be disastrous regardless of the winner. So, this fight is typically avoided. In other areas where tigers are larger than bears, though, it’s common that tigers would hunt and eat bears. This will provide them food for several days.

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Although scavengers like vultures are not considered as predators of bears, once there’s an opportunity, they are willing to eat bears.

Unlike hunters that love fresh meat, scavengers prefer eating bears that died due to natural causes. Plus, they may also found tracking wounded bears and then feast once they are dead.


While various types of ungulates like ox, bison, or moose are not active hunters of bears, they still pose threats to them. They may be large in size, but they do not have the powerful teeth and claws that apex predators have.

In case a bison or a moose is seen killing a bear, it might be an act of defending themselves. Their antlers or horns can cause a significant damage to bears, which might kill them. Since bears hunt down smaller bison, ox, or moose, there’s a big chance that a skirmish could take place.


Although it’s surprising, bears are still some of the main predators of bears. In fact, they can be tied up with humans or even more.

A bear hunt down another bear for two reasons. The first reason is that other bears target young cubs. That is because they are small in size and vulnerable, which makes them quite accessible. In fact, male bears tend to eat cubs that are not theirs. Not only that, adult polar bears and grizzly bears may eat their cubs due to scarcity of food.

Secondly, adult bears of different species commonly fight each other. Grizzly bears and black bears are overlapping in their habitats. As a result, they become rivalries.

Final Thoughts

Most people are afraid of bears. For sure, you might think that they have no predators due to their size. However, they also have predators that catch and eat them. We hope that this post helped you a lot in getting more familiar with bears.