What Eats A Cat?

Who doesn’t love cats? Many people adopt cats due to their unique and stress-relieving qualities. Most of them enjoy going outdoors because of the fresh air. Besides, they want to practice their instincts as natural predators.

Both domestic and feral cats largely rely on their climbing abilities, agility, and speed to get rid of predators. In case they fail to escape any direct confrontation, they are likely to use their sharp claws and teeth to fight off their predators.

However, despite their sharp claws used for defending themselves, there are still animals that pose potential threats to them when they are outside.

If you want to learn what eats a cat, then keep reading!


Snakes eat cats

While there are many circumstances that cats are seen tackling and defeating snakes, they are not still free from the threat caused by these slippery creatures.

Venomous snakes such as copperheads and water moccasins are abundant in North America. So, if you live here, there’s a big chance that snakes might bit cats. If it happens, make sure to go straight to the local vet.


Coyotes are commonly found in rural areas since they can have enough space to roam and hunt for food. However, they are also seen in suburban and urban areas. This makes cats prone to coyote attacks.

A study suggests that 42% of a coyote’s diet consists of cat meat. Although they typically hunt for small critters like voles, mice, and rabbits, they still make a meal out of cats if given a chance.

Coyotes eat cats


Cougars are better known as mountain lions and commonly found in southwest or west of America. However, they also appear in rural areas of Florida.

These cats typically hunt down livestock for snacks. However, they are also more than willing to change their menu when domestics cats came on their radar.

Cougars eat cat

Birds of Prey

Feral and domestic cats are often seen killing birds. However, some large birds present a danger to cars.

These birds of prey are known to eat meat. They commonly eat other birds as well as smaller animals, including raccoons, skunks, mice, and chipmunks. However, there are some instances that these birds are flying off with cats.

Large birds will find it difficult to fly more than their talons, but they can cause serious injury to cats by dropping them from significant distances. Besides, their sharp talons can cause wounds to cats.

Taking to the trees will not save cats from their predators. Birds of prey like owls, eagles, and red-tailed hawks can find them in trees.

Birds of Prey eat cat


Both domestic and feral cats love spending the night outdoors. Although they can climb trees, it will not protect them from the risk of predation. This is where foxes enter the scene.

Unlike other predators of cats like coyotes, foxes are known to consume many cat meat. That is because some foxes can climb trees. So, capturing cats in the trees is very easy.

fox eat cat

Other Predators

While the chances are rare, alligators and crocodiles also eat cat meat from time to time. Not only that, large predators like wolves may kill and eat cats, especially if the opportunity is in front of them.

Final Thoughts

Once you adopt a cat, it is your responsibility to give them a secure place to live in. You will act as their guardian and ensure that no other animals should harm them. That is especially if you let them go outside to play, wander, and more.

Even if they spend most of their time inside your house, they are not still free from any accidents. So, it is essential for you to be observant of the dangers that they might encounter if you do not want them to roam.

With the above list of predators, we hope that you will more aware of your cats. Although you can let them go outside, you still need to supervise them. Keep in mind that their predators might be just waiting for the right time to harm your cats.

So, now that you know what animals may prey on them, it’s a lot easier for you to prevent them from any unwanted circumstance. They might have sharp claws and teeth, but they still need you to protect them.