What Eats a Caterpillar?

Whatever the style, color, type, and beauty of a butterfly, nothing would have been possible if it didn’t undertake to be a caterpillar. We all know that a butterfly comes before being a caterpillar wherein different stages, such as locking itself in a pupa, happens. But a caterpillar itself is already beautiful and destructive. It is destructive in a way that it eats plants in the garden, flowers, and even fruits. This then leads to infestation and poor quantity of harvest. On the other hand, the caterpillar can also be eliminated by using chemicals. But if for the natural way, there are lots of animals to use as an eliminator of caterpillars. Here, no single amount will be released as it is free, guaranteed effective, and long-lasting. Do you want to find it out? Then let’s continue!


chicken eat caterpillar

Chickens may be a sumptuous meal when cooked and are only meant for human consumption, but it can still end caterpillar infestation. Chickens consume not only pellets but also insects, including the caterpillars. Besides, caterpillars, worms, and other insects are being used as a diet of chicken. It only needs to be put in a place where caterpillars strive, and it will eventually look for one. The chickens use its peck to pick out caterpillars from leaves, woods, and even in deep soil. Another thing, it has a claw that can easily grab and smash a caterpillar despite its size.

Chickens may not be the most intelligent animal, yet they can identify and do a good job of eliminating caterpillars. It has the alertness and initiative to take out caterpillars from its place then quickly peck it. If the size is large, it can be a several pecks, but if it’s only small, then it is only one peck of the chickens.


Eagles eat caterpillar

The next animal we have is eagles. Known for its power and sharp stares, an eagle is also a predator to caterpillars. Since eagles to fly up on trees, it is easier for them to look for caterpillars. With just one grab, a caterpillar that is resting on a leaf or wood can be the eagle’s next meal. One fun fact here is that eagles do throw a caterpillar on air before it eats it. This is a way for eagles to ensure that the caterpillar will be eaten completely.

Also, even if the caterpillar is on the ground, a sharp eagle can still drag it. Eagles may be seen to be flying all the time, yet it also does a short walk on the ground. This is to look for other meal options, as well as to check if there is any danger threatening the territory.


Hawks eat caterpillar

Aside from the powerful eagles, hawks also consume caterpillars as a good source of nourishment. Hawks do fly both above and below. That is why it can catch a caterpillar on the leaves or woods. This becomes the best option of hawks in times of extreme hunger wherein their main diet cuts the supply. Also, hawks do the same to caterpillars, just like the eagles. It throws a caterpillar on-air, and once it is near on the ground, the hawk quickly grabs and tears the caterpillar into pieces.

Not just that, there are also instances wherein even during the pupa stage, lots of animals, including hawks, are already waiting for the comeback of the caterpillar, which already turned to a butterfly. Once a pupa is seen hanging from a tree branch, hawks do not hesitate to grab it as long as it can supply their physical needs.


Owls eat caterpillar

For the top consumer, it is an owl that threatens a caterpillar. This type of bird has round and sharp eyes, as well as a 3600 rotating head. This allows the animal to look for food during the night easily, and one of the most eaten food is a caterpillar. Owls grab caterpillar when it has seen one. Using the wide wings and sharp claws, an owl can easily grab a caterpillar from where it is placed. For the pupa, owls can also consume it, especially in times of deep hunger. When there are no other choices, owls and other animals consume it to survive for the next days.