What Eats a Deer?

Deer is placed among the food chain’s lowest rankings. They are considered to be a fragile animal that has lots of enemies that could kill and eat them.

Have you seen a deer before? If so, you know how agile and alert they are. This is noticeable because they have several predators that could hunt them anytime. Although they are speedy, they don’t have enough force to fight their lives against their predators.

You are here because you are probably asking yourself, “what eats a deer?” You are in the right place. In this post, you will learn about the different animals that hunt and eat deer.


Humans eat Deer

For the past years, humans have been considered one of the most prominent animals that hunt for a deer. Deer are being hunted by humans for two reasons; for sport and their meat.

It cannot be denied that deer are one of the most prominent animals that live in most areas worldwide. That’s why they are a common target to hunt for sport. Aside from being hunters, humans are also known to eat deer.

Mountain Lions

Mountain Lions eat Deer

Another prominent hunter and eater for deer are mountain lions. Did you know that deer are the common food for mountain lions? This predator hunts the deer from behind. A single deer could be a one week meal for a mountain lion. On the other hand, mountain lions are also the number one predators of elk, rodents, raccoons, and coyotes.


Wolverines eat Deer

Wolverines are a small animal but do not underestimate their skills for hunting because of their size. Bears are the closest relatives of wolverines. If they see larger animals than them, they won’t think twice about hunting and eat it.

Wolverines are not the number one deer’s predator. But, they would surely attack a disabled or unprotected adult deer. Despite their size, wolverines walk slowly. This means that they cannot hunt a healthy adult deer.


Alligators eat Deer

Alligators are a number one eater of deer. Compared to humans, alligators hunt and eat more deer. A deer can be eaten by an alligator when it goes to the lake to get some water. Alligators will attack them without being noticed. That’s why alligators are considered to be the number one predator of deer.

On the other hand, deer are not really the primary meal of alligators. They usually grab and eat most animals that would come near their area.


Hogs eat Deer

Hogs are also the number one enemy of deer. Although they live in the same area, they don’t have a good and peaceful relationship. This might be quite strange, but hogs can eat both freshly killed and already deceased deer.


Bears eat Deer

In most cases, bears frequently look for deer as their regular meal but not as frequent as people think. They hunt and eat deer more frequently than the mentioned predators above. Bears are naturally omnivores, and they eat 70 percent of plants.

Bears are the hunters of poorly-protected fawns. Considering that fawns are slow, defenseless, and are dependent on their parent’s protection, they can easily be eaten by these large predators. Aside from poorly-protected fawns, bears also target distracted, disabled, or sick deer that cannot run away from them.


Lynxes eat Deer

Like coyotes and mountain lions, lynxes are also carnivores that hunt different varieties of animals, including deer. Lynxes’ staple diet is deer. An adult lynx can eat a single deer that could last a week, just like what most mountain lions do.

Aside from deer, lynxes are also the number one eater of other large and small mammals, birds, and rodents.


Coyotes eat Deer

Most of the time, coyotes and wolves are thought to be the same animal considering that both of them don’t have lots of predators, can eat different varieties of large and small animals, and they are carnivores.

On the other hand, there are still some differences you may notice between a coyote and a wolf. Coyotes are solitary hunters compared to wolves. In this sense, they often target animals that have a smaller size than them, such as squirrels and rabbits.

But they are times that they hunt larger animals, including a deer. In other words, coyotes can take down and eat a deer, but this is rarely common.