What Eats a Dog?

Do you have a dog? If so, one of the responsibilities of a dog owner is to determine the animals that could possibly harm these pets. In this post, you will know the top animals that could attack and eat your furry friend. Read on to know further.


Snakes eat dog

The number one attacker of a dog is the snakes. According to the report televised in ABC News, pit vipers, a group of snakes that are very venomous, are the common snakebites present in the US. Pit vipers include copperheads and water moccasins that are abundant in most areas in North America. You should restrict your dog from sniffing through the bushes and moving around near the burrows to avoid snakebites.

Protecting your dogs from the possible danger of snakebite is quite hard. But there is nothing to worry about because most snakebites are not fatal. In case that an unknown snake bites your furry friend, immediately take it to the nearest veterinary clinic in your area.

On the other hand, large snakes could probably bite and eat your dogs if you will not properly take care of them.


Raccoons eat dog

Even if you are living in urbanized areas, you should keep an eye on your pets, especially if there are raccoons around your property. Even though raccoons are not the primary eater of a pet, it is important to protect them against these animals to prevent the transmission of rabies.


Coyotes eat dog

North America is where most coyotes live. Some parts of the said country have large and heavy coyotes. Considering that their natural habitat is slowly and continuously being encroached, there is no doubt that coyotes can be found in the urban environment. Coyotes I urbanized areas usually come out during nighttime. The number one preys of this predator are cats and dogs. So, if you have a dog or a cat, it is essential to keep them inside your house at night.


Skunks eat dog

The skunks are known to release a strange smell. Whenever they feel someone or other animals are slowly getting closer to their area, they won’t think twice to lift their tail and release their stranger perfume. This is their way of protecting themselves and their habitat from the possible invasion of other animals.

But this even happens rarely. The skunks are also known to fight back against their prey and predators if needed. They have claws that they use to dig. Considering that skunks are born omnivores, they tend to eat meat. Additionally, it’s also possible that they can transfer rabies to your dogs.

Your dogs are susceptible to this predator as they could be eaten by a skunk. Although skunks have a compact size, they are using their claws to attack an absent-minded dog.

Spotted Hyenas

Spotted Hyenas eat dog

Another predator of most dogs is a spotted hyena. Spotted Hyenas are mammals and possess an excellent set of hunting skills. They can kill and eat lions and dogs in the wild in no time. Spotted hyenas are considered to be one of the largest types in the family of hyena. According to National Geographic’s website, a single spotted hyena can weigh about 190 pounds.

The spotted hyenas have stronger jaws that could attack a dog. This predator does not often eat a dog but rather kill the dog to steal their foods.


Lions eat dog

Wild dogs usually weigh around 70 pounds only, which made them easy to get attacked by wild predators, including the lions. Lions are known to take down large animals, with their weight ranging about 400 pounds.

This feline is way stronger compared to a wild dog. Lions can hunt alone or in packs. Lions are considered to be a predator of wild dogs even though they don’t usually eat it upon killing it.


Most wild dogs eat foods similar to what their predators eat. Wild dogs usually hunt and eat gazelles, impalas, warthogs, wildebeest, and zebra. Dogs are pack animals and are extremely cute. If you have a dog in your house or you just love to see wild dogs roaming around the forest, knowing what their predators are is essential.

Those animals listed above are just some of the predators that actively hunt and eat dogs.