What Eats A Fox?

Fox is among the fearsome animals to other animals as well as for humans. Just like other species, fox also has its prey and predators. This animal can also live with humans since it can easily adapt to its environment. It is considered as a smart, fast and clever animal. Foxes also come with excellent hunting skills. Are you curious about the fox’s predators? In this article, we will discuss what eats a fox.


Brown Bears eat

One of the fox’s predators is the bear. The fox is no match for the bear’s armament, strength and size. This predator is opportunistic and eats fox. The diet of the bear includes about 85% of plants. However, bears are carnivores so they also eat different kinds of food and foxes. This animal is found in North America and Asia.

Jackals, Coyotes and Wild Dogs

Coyote eat rabbit


Jackals, Coyotes and Wild Dogs are also among the animals that eat foxes. These animals have similar diet and prey with foxes. They are found in Asia and North America. Foxes are not safe from its surroundings especially when they are with their competitors for food. Jackals, Coyotes and Wild Dogs don’t hesitate on eating fox.


Snow Leopards eat Panda


Another predator of foxes is the leopard. The fox is in danger if it lives in environment where huge cats like leopard also resides. The leopard consider foxes as great meal. This animal strikes its prey and kill them very quick. Leopards are faster compared to foxes.

Mountain Lions

Mountain Lions eat Coyote

Mountain lion is also one of the predators of fox. This animal is a nocturnal hunter. A fox can be an easy kill for mountain lions especially at night. This fox predator has speed and strength to make a quick-calculated blow. They deliver death blow on the fox’s neck. The mountain lions are also solitary creature like the fox. As they kill their prey, they can hide it in an area and come back later. They are also called ambush predators.


Wolverines eat Deer

Wolverines also eat foxes. This animal is a scavenger hunter and usually prey on smaller species such as foxes. Wolverines are fierce and cruel animals. Thus, they wound their prey without killing it first. Then, they strike it several times which make it bleed out. Just like other predators of foxes, wolverines also hide the carcass and come back to it later. In addition, this animal also eats the bones of its prey, kill more than necessary and keep it for later. This predator is the largest in the weasel family.


Owls eat caterpillar

Owls also eat foxes. An owl is a huge bird that is also a predator of the fox. Just like other animals, this animal hunts during night. It can be a perfect timing for them to hunt smaller mammals including foxes. This bird can be found in Africa and North America. They are considered as raptors which means to grasp or seize in Latin. Owls can strike hard and fast on their prey using their sharp talons. Meanwhile, there are some instances that the foxes get the jump on the birds, so owls can also be a prey of foxes.


Eagles eat Squirrel

Eagles are also among the predators of foxes. This bird is very expert in hunting. Aside from eating other birds and fish, they also eat foxes and other animals and break them up into pieces. Both eagles and foxes are nocturnal hunters. Well, eagles have more advantage during night because they can strike their prey quick with their excellent eyesight in the dark. Eagle also hunt during day.


Fox eat rabbit

It may be strange but foxes also eat other foxes. It can occur especially during starvation. Since they are solitary creatures, they tend to fight with each other and eat each other due to hunger.


You may not know, but humans also eat foxes sometimes. Native Americans ate what they killed. Humans also hunt foxes for sport and use it for the fur industry.

There we go, so that’s the list of what eats a fox. These animals can eat foxes, but they don’t affect the population of foxes. Foxes live in dens that they made. It can be inside the bushes, underground or in a hollow log. They can live everywhere except in the Antarctica continent.