What Eats A Lion?

Lions are on the top of the food web. This makes a lot of animals hesitant to go near them. In fact, they have less worry about predation. However, it does not mean that they are completely resistant to being eaten.

As incredible hunters, lions can feast on 70-pound flesh in just one sitting. They love to eat wildebeests, antelopes, pigs, goats, and zebras. They require a lot of protein, that is why they consume plenty of meats.

Since the earliest times, lions are some of the best-known wild animals and even considered the king of the beasts. They tend to be most active during the night. These apex predators live in a variety of habitats. However, they prefer open woodland, dense scrub, savanna, and grassland of Africa, Southern Eurasia, and Northern India.

Lions are the largest members of the Felidae family. An adult lion can weigh more than 225 kg and reach up to 8 ft in height. Males lions are easy to recognize because of their thick brown hair that encircles their heads.

In the family of cats, they are the only social animals. In fact, they have a group called “prides.” This group can have between 10 to 45 members. Another interesting characteristic of lions is their cooperative hunting. This helps them kills large prey.

Lions are referred to as the mighty king of the jungle. Besides, they have almost no predators. However, old and sick lions are being attacked by other animals.


Hyenas eat Lion

Hyenas are some of the few animals that eat lions. These predators do not kill and eat healthy lions. Instead, they go for sick, elderly lions, or young lions. They are natural enemies of lions. They compete with them for food. In fact, they often attempt to steal their kills.


Leopard eat Lion

Leopards are other animals in the wild that fight with and eat lions. The same way with hyenas, they do not prefer healthy lions as their food source. They also go for young lions or elderly ones. They choose lions that cannot fight them back easily. Young lions are their favorite target, especially when their mothers are not paying attention to them.


Vulture eat Lion

When lions are sick or about to die, vultures are always on the scene. These scavengers take advantage of lion meat. When a lion is helpless, they instantly grab the opportunity to get their meat.

Humans As True Killers of Lions

Humans eat Lion

Humans are considered the largest predator of lions. They kill them for several reasons, including an act of bravery, traditional burial practices, and fear of their lives.

Lions are not commonly killed by humans to be eaten. However, a lot of lions were already killed because they serve as trophies for hunters. They kill lions to protect themselves as well as their livestock. As a result, their population continues to reduce.

Humans are also capable of threatening lions indirectly through competition for prey and habitat loss. There are some instances that they are being caught in the hunting traps, which are actually set for other animals.

Lions vs. Lions

lion eat lion

Sometimes, a lion have a fight against another lion. Male lions are known to fight other males for females or even for the food brought back by the female lions. Since these fights are known to be vicious, many lions end up dying. While it is not categorized as predator behavior, it still qualifies because they only have a few predators in the animal kingdom.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, lions have a few natural predators. Humans may not kill them for food, but they still present danger to them. Although they are referred to as the king of the beasts or king of the jungles, other predators in the wild, like hyenas and leopards, kill them when helpless or injured. Then, they will feast on them.

Once they are fully grown, a lot of animals tend to get near these creatures. After all, they are not called at the top of the food web for nothing. No other animals in the wild could take their position if they were seen eaten by other animals because they are helpless or lying dead.

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