What Eats a Panda?

Pandas are known to be fluffy, sweet, and clingy animals that thrive only in the rich bamboo forests of China. It is known not only because of its attitude but also because of its black and white fur. Pandas have large black circles on its eyes that make them look like a masked animal. Also, pandas belong to the bear species, including the black, brown, and ice bears. They all have distinctions, but the pandas, live in bamboo forests, for this is their main diet.

Another thing, pandas are good and friendly animals that make it a favorite of the people. It has a clingy attitude that can surely melt anyone’s heart. It also loves to roll down a hill and climb up the trees, depending on its mood. But one of the most outstanding representations that a panda has is its fighting spirit. Behind its attitude, pandas are also good at fighting back, especially when they are harmed by humans or their predators. But what are these pandas’ predators? Is it a mountain lion? Fox? Or else? Well, let’s find out!

A fully grown panda has a lesser risk of being its predator’s next meal. This is because of its huge size, sharp claws, and ability to fight back. This now makes the cubs be the prey of predators. Below is the list of the predators that consume panda cubs.

Snow Leopards

Snow Leopards eat Panda

The snow leopards are the most threat to panda cubs not only because of its hunting skills but also because of the same habitat it shares with its prey. Snow leopards are known to be animals with strength, bite power, and speed that enables it to easily catch panda cubs even though up the bamboos. With its sharp claws and sharp teeth, a panda cub has nowhere to go once cornered and caught by this predator.

Aside from that, there was already a movie that became a blockbuster hit due to its rich content. This movie was Kung Fu Panda, which tells the story of a Panda named Po. Po was an adopted child of a duck who owns a noodle-soup restaurant. This is where Po grew up being both a noodle-maker and a huge fan of Kung Fu. With his fate, Po made it as the Dragon Warrior, and his enemy was a snow leopard named Tai Lung. The two were in a tight fight, but Po became the winner. Indeed, pandas are capable of beating its most threatening predator- the snow leopards, which are also considered an endangered species.


Jackals eat Panda

Next on the list is a jackal. This is also a predator to panda cubs that grows up to 85 cm in length while its weight can reach up to 14 kilograms. Jackals belong to the canine species of animals. It is related to foxes, wolves, coyotes, and dogs. The relation can be seen in its physical characteristics, such as the four legs, tails, and ears. In fact, jackals are said to have the mixed characteristics of a German shepherd and a fox. It has the same size face like a fox, fluffy tail, and delicate legs. For the German shepherd’s characteristics, jackals got its alert and long ears.

The jackals hunt for food inside the forest, even under the bamboos. Once it saw a cub, it quickly bites it on the neck to stop its breathing. When the mother is around, the jackals patiently waits for the moment to quickly drag the cub from its mother.

Yellow-Throated Martens

YellowThroated Martens eat Panda

Another predator of panda cubs is the yellow-throated marten. It may be surprising and unbelievable at first since martens can grow only 5 kilograms as its heaviest, but it can still make panda cubs as preys. The martens are most fond of consuming the red panda cubs. They wait for a moment until the cub is off the sight of its mother so it can be easily taken. There are also instances in which the martens do hunt for a panda cub by following its scent and habitat.

Pandas may be a big and fluffy animal, yet they are still not safe from predators. This is the natural phase of the environment or known to be the food chain, and there’s nothing to do about it. Each animal, including pandas, have its own role in the environment, not only by providing a fluffy friendship but also to be a consumer or producer of food.