What Eats A Rabbit?

Do you wonder what types of animals are potential predators of your bunny? In this post, you will learn what eats a rabbit.

Rabbits are considered prey animals and are herbivores. They have no defensive skills. Meaning, they are prone to attacks. In order for the mother rabbits to protect their babies against predators, they stay away from them. That way, they do not draw any attention to their nest.

Now, let’s reveal the list of predators of rabbits.


Eating Dingo

Introduced to Australia about 4000 years ago, Dingoes refer to wild dogs that are opportunistic carnivores. Rabbits are their staple source of food.

These wild dogs are distributed across Australia. Most of the time, they are found in rocky terrains, grasslands, and woodlands. They find small prey like rabbits in more abundance in these areas. They hunt mainly in packs in case of larger prey. However, an individual dingo can already hunt a rabbit.


Coyote eat rabbit

Since coyotes can either be hunters or scavengers, they are not very picky when it comes to their food. Their meat diet mostly consists of rodents, rabbits, and other small mammals.

These predators are commonly found in mountains, deserts, forests, and plains of the United States, Central America, Mexico, and Canada. However, they can also live in most tropical areas.


Wolf eat rabbit

As carnivores, wolves about 20 pounds of food daily on average. While they depend on large ungulates, rabbits and other small ungulates and mammals are still part of their diet.

Rabbits serve as a supplement with the wolves’ primary source of food. In case they make rabbits as a primary food source, it is during times of food shortages. In Minnesota, however, rabbits are among the primary food sources for wolves.


Fox eat rabbit

Foxes can adapt to most environments, including fields, agricultural lands, forests, and woods. They also adapt to mountains, peat bogs, salt marshes, and dunes.

Although rabbits are the staple foods for the foxes, they can still change their diet based on the environment they are in. Subspecies of foxes like Swift Fox, Kit Fox, Fennec Fox, and Arctic Fox also eat rabbits depending on their environment.



Lynx eat rabbit

Lynxes live in most of Canada, southern parts of Washington, and all over Alaska. Also known as “bobcats,” these medium-sized predator cars mostly live in coniferous forests such as swamps, bogs, and rocky areas.

About 75% of Lynxes’ diet is consists of snowshoe rabbits. Since they commonly live in northern areas with fewer hunting opportunities, they prey on animals that are present in their area, especially rabbits.

Big Cat

Big Cat eat rabbit

Big cats have a particular diet and are pure carnivores. They hunter larger animals, but cats like tigers and lions eat rabbits. They eat them as snacks between meals. Meaning, rabbits are tigers’ and lion’s temporary source of food, especially during food shortages.

The other big cats like cougar and cheetah are solitary hunters, and they also eat rabbits as one meal. That is due to their small size.


Ocelot eat rabbit

Found in southwest parts of North America like Arizona and Texas, and central and South America, Ocelots, live mostly in dense forests. Meaning, they are commonly found in mangrove swamps, thorn forests, savanna, and rainforests.

While Ocelots are solitary hunters, they also hunt with their fellow ocelots. Since they belong to the cat family, preying on rabbits is very easy for them. Although rabbits are among the main food sources, they can still change their diet based on the season.


Wolverine eat rabbit

Wolverines are considered the largest members of the weasel or Mustelidae family. Also known as “gluttons”, “carcajous”, and “skunk bears”, these omnivore mammals are found in the northern hemisphere in America, Europe, and Asia. They love to live in Tundra, taiga, and boreal forests.

These omnivores usually eat small animals like rabbits. Although rabbits are a major part of their diet, they are not necessary for their survival. During the winter season, they scavenge due to a shortage of food.

Final Thoughts

Rabbits are one of the most favorite prey of many larger animals. So, if you are keeping them as pets, make sure to put them in a secure or supervised place to prevent any predators from attacking them.