What Eats a Snail?

When we think of slime, a snail comes up in our minds immediately. This is because of the slime that is part of a snail’s body and serves as its markings. Aside from that, snails also use their slime to stick on a surface such as walls, wood, leaves, concrete, and so many more.

Another thing, snails are considered both as food and pest. Those edible snails are thriving in forests, especially in woods. On the other hand, the pests can live in rice fields, flowers, gardens, and other plants. But just like other animals, snails also have their own set of predators that bring harm or, worse, end to its life. Given that, here are the following animals that eat a snail.

Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey eat Snail


The first animal that consumes snails is the wild turkey. This is a species of flightless bird with a wide tail to frighten potential predators. It consumes grass, insects, and pellets as its main diet, and including in that is a snail. Once the wild turkey looks for a food on a grassland or short plants, they can see snails commonly inhabiting green surfaces. They peck it on the shell and eats it whole.

Also, since there are rice fields infested with snails, a wild turkey can easily walk by and enjoy a sumptuous meal. Rice plants can be infested highly by snails, which can be a feast for a wild turkey.


Squirrels eat snail

You may have thought that squirrels are consuming only nuts, but you’re mistaken. Squirrels also consume snails that they can see around, such as trees, grass, and flowers. Since squirrels live up the trees, it is easier for them to look for snails to be their next meal. Here’s another important thing. Snails can be on fruits that these little squirrels also consider as part of their diet. When there are snails attached to fruits or even on leaves, the squirrels will definitely eat it whole.

Beetle Larvae

Beetle Larvae eat Snail

The next thing we have is the beetle larvae. This consumes snails by entering the snail’s shell aperture. On the other hand, the larger beetles simply crush small snails and gently put it in their mouth. Beetles may not be large enough, yet it has certain characteristics to beat and consume their snail meal properly.

Moreover, there are types of beetles that insert their head inside the snail’s shell. Then they slowly eat the meat inside. The snail has nothing to escape since it has been cornered, and thus, it’s just going to wait until beetles consume it entirely.


Birds eat Snail

Birds-being animals that fly above can easily see any snail be its next meal. Birds, especially those who inhabit fruit-bearing trees, are more likely to see snails and consume it. First, the birds peck or drag the snail with its claw then take it into a place wherein they can eat it. There are also birds that do tricks, such as throwing the snail up on air and catch it directly with its mouth. The shell of a snail is also not considered a problem by birds. The shell can be broken easily to reveal the precious meat hiding inside it with their sharp pecks.


Mice eat Snail

You wouldn’t believe this at first, but mice are also a consumer of snails. Mice, especially the large ones, are always after fresh meat, and the snail is a good one. From different places, mice can look for snails hiding in the grass, old wood, furniture, and so many more. The mice easily drag a snail and smash its shell on the ground. It can also suck out the snail meat hiding inside the shell if it can’t break the shell.

Human Beings

Human Beings eat Snail

Lastly, snails are also consumed by human beings, but this only applies to the edible ones, such as those snails found in woods. Humans have an easier way of looking and taking snails from their place then cook it as a meal. Additional ingredients and cooking techniques are added to make it more appetizing. This is also considered an exotic food that has been patronized by the locals and the exquisite restaurants. It can be found both on streets or luxurious hospitals serving new flavors and experiences to humans.