What Eats A Spider?

The spiders belong to the Arachnids group. It can be found across different regions of the world except Antarctica. The spider is composed of 8 legs and 2 body parts namely abdomen and cephalothorax. Some types of spiders come with modified mouth parts which they use for crushing or grasping their prey. In this post, we will reveal what eats a spider.


birds eat spider

Among the predators of spiders are birds. These insectivorous birds include wrens, bluebirds, blackbirds, crows, sparrows as well as the chickadee’s European cousin called blue tit. The blue tit feeds its chicks with huge numbers of spiders. According to research, spiders is a good source of taurine which can affect development, reduce anxiety, improved intelligence and better eyesight. So, feeding their chicks with spiders, the blue tit birds can assure that they can grow intelligent and brave.


Wasps eat Spider

Some wasps species consider spiders as their prey. These species are Calymmochilus dispar, dirt dauber wasps and Gelis apterus. These types of wasps are parasitic.

Other spiders

spiders eat Spider

Another predators of spiders are other spiders. As part of their mating habits, they can kill and eat other spiders. This behavior of spiders is called sexual cannibalism. Some researches revealed that female spiders of orb-web and redback species kill makes after mating to improve their reproductive success. As they eat make spider, they can get additional nutrition and has the control towards paternity of its offspring.

Reptiles and amphibians

Reptiles eat Spider

Reptiles and amphibians are also among the animals that eat spiders. Frogs, lizards and toads are among the predators of spiders. Most lizard species are insectivorous and spider is one of their preys. The natural predation maintains pests and spiders from being too numerous.


fish eat spider

Archers, trout as well as mosquito fish are also among the predators that eat spiders specifically the water spiders.


Centipedes eat spider

Centipedes are many-legged arthropod which also consume spiders. They are carnivorous and use its claws to paralyze small creatures including spiders.


Scorpions eat Spider

Scorpions don’t attack humans except for self-defense, this creature is fearsome for some people. However, if you’re arachnophobic, its better for you to experience accidental scorpion sting than of a spider.


Humans eat Spider

Humans also considered spiders as delicious food. In Skun, Cambodia, people fry the spiders and sold it as usual street food. In fact, live spiders are also combined in rice wine to make natural medicinal liquor. The spiders are sold to tourists in the said country.


Monkeys eat spider

Although spiders are not major meal of monkeys, they treat it like their occasional snack. Monkeys eat spiders as their snack. Some monkeys take a bite of spider during their meal time.

Other animals which eat spiders

spiders eat Spider

Some of other animals which eat spiders include group-foraging ants which are army ants that can attack spiders and consume them. Ticks and praying mantises also eat spiders.

There we go, that is the list of animals and insects that eat spiders. These predators help to control the population of spiders. They get nutrition from consuming spiders.

What spiders eat?

Now that you learned about what eats a spider, let us know about what spiders eat.

Although some species of spiders don’t consume plant foods, there are some spiders that get nutrients from leaves of Acacia tree which is primarily found in the Central America. On the other hand, some water spiders make web under water and their main food is fish.

Spiders eat different foods. Hunting spiders attack its prey which include insects like beetles, grasshoppers and crickets. Web-building spiders usually eat flying insects including moths, mosquitoes, flies and butterflies. Some people are afraid of spiders, but you must take note that humans are not source of food for spiders.

Types of spiders

Spiders come in various types. These include widow spiders, yellow sac spiders, hobo spiders as well as recluse spiders. Spiders come in different species and not all of them are dangerous. So, you must know what type of spider you encounter before killing them. Knowing the types of spiders can also help to prevent phobia from spiders.


To sum it up, these predators help to maintain the population of spiders under control. Aside from the animals mentioned above, humans also eat spiders. It is considered as street food especially in Cambodia.