What Eats a Fish?

Fishing is one of the past-time hobbies of most of us. But, is there a chance that you asked yourself, “What eats a fish?” If yes, we got you covered. Fish, just like the small land animals, also has several predators that could eat their flesh.

Are you a type of person who wants to fish or not? Despite your answer, we are sure that you want to know the different predators of fish. This post listed some animals that could easily hunt, kill, and make fish as their meal.

So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading.

Green Heron

Green Heron eat Fish

Herons are one of the examples of the term “patient.” They can wait for longer hours motionless until their target fish comes out from the water. Aside from being patient, green herons also use their bait to attract fishes. They are using their bait to crush any object, such as insects and earthworms, that they want to catch.

River Otter

River Otter eat Fish

If you don’t have sharp eyes, you cannot easily see a fish underwater. One of the best skills of an aquatic creature is its ability to camouflage. But this skill won’t save them against the river otter. River otters are known to smell their preys that hide underwater.


Bobcat eat Fish

Did you know that bobcat, despite their size, can hunt sharks? Well, yes. They are known to hunt and eat sharks and other sea creatures in sight. Even though this event is rare and hard to witness, this will serve as a reminder that wildlife has the deepest secrets humans need to investigate.


Osprey eat Fish

Fish should hide into the deepest part of the ocean to protect themselves from the feet spikes of an osprey. Take note that 98 percent of the diet of an osprey is fish. This means that they are the number one eaters of fish.

Most ospreys are using their single talon in hunting and carrying fish to the seashore. This sounds pretty cool. They can hold their prey with their talon because it has spicules beneath it.

California Sea Lion

California sea lion eat fish

California sea lions eat anything they see that they think would give them a happy meal. This means that even fish and other aquatic creatures have nothing to do to hide. The common variety of fish they usually hunt is carp.

White Tern

White Tern eat Fish

White tern is known to hover in the air then unnoticeably dive into the water when they see a moving fish. Considering their ability to hover, white terns can determine the species of fish they are hunting. Terns are known to hunt smaller fishes, but some, especially the bigger ones, can hunt for a bigger-sized sea creature.

Common Merganser

Common Merganser eat Fish

Common Mergansers are given a nickname of “sawbill.” This is because of the bill serrations that allow them to hold their slimy and slippery meal.

Black-Crowned Night Heron

Black-Crowned Night Heron eat Fish

Considering its name, a black-crowned night heron loves to hunt their preys during the pre-dawn hours. This is the time when the night heron and their preys are both active. They prefer hunting during these hours to prevent the crowd, which are the other animals that hunt fish.

Northern Water Snake

Northern Water Snake eat Fish

The northern water snake is considered to be an opportunistic predator of fish. They tend to swim into a pool full of fresh fish while their mouth is open, which is always ready to catch a fish directly.

Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic Puffin eat Fish

Atlantic puffins are grown to catch fish for their meals. As you may notice on the puffin’s beak, it has a jaw-like structure, which enables them to carry several fish at once. Another good characteristic of their fish predator is their rosette, which is located at the edge of their beak. This rosette enables their beak to open wider compared to an ordinary bird, you know.


Fishes are slimy sea creatures. Some think that humans are the only predators of fish, but no. A lot of animals, including the ones mentioned above, are hunting and eating different varieties of fish they see swimming in the lake.

The fish predators we have listed above have their unique fishing skills. Which predator have amazed you with their skills of hunting the slimy aquatic creature?